• Madison Miller

A Day in Huntsville

If you enjoy travel, you’re probably familiar with the nagging feeling to get out of town. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to give in to that feeling as much as we would like.

This is why day trips were invented.

One of my favorite comedians, Tig Notaro, was doing a show in Huntsville at the Mars Music Hall, so I decided to grab some tickets and make a day of it up there. Huntsville is about an hour and a half North of Birmingham. It’s the perfect amount of time to not make me go stir crazy in the car.

Huntsville has really been growing the past few years. A lot of people end up moving there to work in aerospace engineering. Also, there are a ton of IT or tech fields in that area. Basically, it’s a bunch of very smart people.

They have also been doing very cool things in the craft beer world. Birmingham is big on that as well, so I’ve become a fan over the years.

Innerspace beers

Andrew and I got into town around 2 or so and decided to try out Innerspace Brewing. This is one that I haven’t been to before. It has a familiar craft beer tap room set up, a renovated warehouse. The tap room has large garage-style doors that they open if the weather is nice. It was kind of a dreary day though, so they were closed. I had a classic wheat beer. I’m blanking on the name, but it was solid. Andrew had a blueberry sour brewed with lactose, so it has little bit of a creaminess to it. It was very good and we were told that it’s their most popular beer. The taproom is quite fitting for Huntsville, a lot of space-themed decor and some fun, nerdy Star Wars and Star Trek paraphernalia. They also had a great collection of board games. Andrew and I ended up playing Villainous. I was Maleficent. He was Jafar.

Next, we decided to hit up Straight to Ale Brewing. I actually have been here before, but I really wanted to go back because the space is so cool. It’s in an old middle school, so it’s literally still a school building with lockers and classrooms, etc. The taproom is in the area that used to be near the gym. The gym is actually where they brew the beer. Such a cool set up, right? We grabbed some beers and walked around the school. It feels very sacrilegious to drink alcohol in a school. I love it. The other fun thing about this space is that other businesses have taken up shop in other former areas of the school. There is an axe throwing studio, an art shop, an event space, a speakeasy, some restaurants and more.

We grabbed dinner in at Hops and Guac, which is also located inside the school. It looked like it might have been the cafeteria, but I’m not totally sure. This place had a great concept: self-serve beer taps. If you are drinking, you get a wristband. Your wristband keeps track of how much you are getting and it’s charged by the ounce. We ended up just eating, but I’d love to go back and try it out. We were told that it can get a little tricky to figure out how much you’re getting, though. So try to keep track to avoid a crazy high bill.

The food was delicious. I’d say it’s pretty typical Americanized Mexican food. We both had tacos and a side. I had beer queso, which I highly recommend. Also, the guacamole was fresh and tasty. I’m very picky about guac.

Next, it was show time! We found parking for Mars Music Hall not far away for $5. Drinks were available inside the venue. The space worked well for the show, but you could tell it’s really made for music instead of comedy. The brought fold out chairs, which made it a little tough to see sometimes. Sound also carries in there, so if anyone made any noise with their chairs, etc., we could hear it. Tig even made a joke about it at one point.

She still killed though. I don’t have any notes for Tig. I just really enjoyed it like I knew I would. I will say that I was surprised to see such a big crowd for her in Huntsville, though. I was so proud! Please go see comedians!

And please go to Huntsville! It’s a fun place. Not every trip has to be some insanely popular destination where you spend a ton of money and gain a life changing experience. Little day trips are important too.

What are your favorite day trip getaways? I am curious about them all!