• Madison Miller

A Day in Savannah

Jessa and I channeling our inner Coven on River Street.

I’ve been trying to think of my favorite weekend getaways in the South for a while. Since I’m based in Birmingham, they all tend to be in the Southeast. The problem is, I’ve already covered a favorite, Asheville, pretty recently. Another favorite is Atlanta, but there’s just so much to talk about in Atlanta. So, I decided to just focus on one post for another favorite: Savannah! I have been here several times with friends and family, and it is such a cute, fun little city. One of my best friends actually wrote a book set in Savannah: Timeless: The Becoming of a Teenage Witch. I highly recommend it!

All that being said, it’s hard not to have a good time in Savannah. First of all, it’s somewhat small, so it’s hard to miss the good areas. Second, it’s beautiful. The historic district is full of some of the most gorgeous Southern architecture you’ve ever seen. Combined with all the parks and Spanish Moss, it’s a work of art. Finally, it’s supposedly the most haunted city in America, and they really play that up. I’m always down for a spooky time.

I thought I would frame the post as a day in Savannah since these are some of the places I have regularly visited on trips there. Let me know if you have any other favorites here!


The Coffee Fox - This is a cute coffee shop on Broughton street. I love its mascot, a fox with a bowtie. It’s got a hipster-feel, which I am drawn to. Also, the coffee is great! This was a great stop after a night out during a couple of Bachelorette trips I went on in Savannah. I recommend stopping for a drink and then walking around in the beautiful shops on Broughton or in some of the Spanish-Moss covered parks.

The Collins Quarter - This is a must-do. I’ve been here almost every trip I’ve done to Savannah. I love the brunch! I believe they also have lunch and dinner menus, but I always end up going for brunch. The space is gorgeous. There is a huge, marble bar for coffee and breakfast cocktails. My favorites have been the Avocado Smash and the Short Rib Hash.

The Ordinary Pub - I’ve been here for both brunch and dinner on separate trips. It’s so cool! It’s an underground bar/restaurant with a unique menu. For brunch, I had a beet eggs benedict. The hollandaise sauce is hot pink because it’s made with beets. It was fun, but also delicious. For dinner, I had the steak tacos. I loved them, but their menu is very creative, so I think I’d try to branch out a little more next time. You’ll also want to check out the cocktail list. I’ve tried the bloody mary margarita, a true innovation.

Shopping/Walking around

A big part of the fun of Savannah is just walking around taking in all the pretty scenery. Trust me, it’s a fun experience. These are a few of the main places to peruse. FYI, a lot of Savannah is open container, so walk around with a drink if you want!

Broughton Street - If you’re into shopping, this is where you’ll want to go. There are a bunch of cute shops all the way down Broughton. A lot of them are local, but there are some bigger chain stores if you are in the mood for that. I tend to not buy a lot on trips, but I do like to window shop.

Historic District - This is probably the most beautiful part of Savannah. When you imagine old, southern homes in your mind, Savannah Historic District is probably what you are envisioning. Savannah has several square parks with the Spanish moss trees, plenty of benches, and some historical monuments. Surrounding the parks, there are huge, ornate homes with big porches and lots of windows. It’s adorable.

River Street - Savannah runs along the Savannah river, which meets up at River Street. After walking through the Historic District toward the river, there are long flights of cobblestone stairs that take you down to River Street. It’s a bit of a chore getting down, but it’s also cool and always makes me feel like I’m in the 1800s. On one side of the street, there is a great view of the river. On the other side, there are a bunch of cute shops, restaurants, and bars to check out. This area can get a little touristy, but it’s still fun to look around.


Leopolds - This is a famous ice cream shop in Savannah. It has been a while since I went, but I remember it being delicious. One piece of advice though, only go if it looks like the line is reasonable. It’s good, but the line can literally go blocks out the door, and I don’t think it’s quite worth that kind of a wait.

Wet Willie’s - “Who loves slushies and alcohol? Everyone? Great.”- Wet Willie’s business plan, probably. This is a spot on River Street that has a wall of alcoholic slushies. They are delicious and you can walk around with them! Need I say more?


Pirate House - Some might think a restaurant where all the staff dress like pirate wouldn’t have the best food, but they would be wrong, especially in the case of The Pirate House. This is near River Street. It’s a historical, wooden building. It actually does remind me of being on an old wooden ship. Along with the fun costumes, the staff is always nice and helpful. I remember having a seafood dinner with I believe some kind of white fish. It has been a while, unfortunately. But, it was so delicious. I also remember the cocktails being great as well.

The Olde Pink House - This is a Savannah icon. It’s located in, you guessed it, a pink house. It’s in the historic district right next to Reynolds square, so it’s a beautiful area. I have to admit, I actually haven’t eaten here, but I have only heard good things. I have been inside to go get a drink at the downstairs bar. I had a jalapeno margarita, and it was so good! If the drinks are any indication of the food, I would definitely say go for it. The inside of the house is very classical. It looks like not much has changed since it was built in 1771. If you miss getting a reservation in time, I would grab a drink there just to experience it a little.


Haunted Pub Crawl - I cannot recommend doing this enough. I’ve done this on both Bachelorette trips I’ve been on in Savannah and it’s always a blast. The tour begins at a bar or pub and then the guide walks you through the city, stopping at several locations, including other bars and pubs to tell ghost stories about the buildings or monuments. It’s the best. I’m a bit of a skeptic, but it really doesn’t matter what you believe. It’s spooky, fun, and you can walk around with a tasty beverage while listening to ghost stories. Why would someone not like that?

Late Night

Jen’s and Friends - If you like martinis, this is the place for you. Jen’s and Friends is a small bar with a HUGE menu. All martinis. If you can think of a flavor, they probably have it in martini form. They have a lot of tasty dessert martinis. I’m usually more of a chocolate person when it comes to desserts, but I’ve never been in the mood for a heavy, chocolatey drink on my visits here. I’ve had an orange gummy martini and a shark gummy martini. Both were delicious, including their gummy garnishes.

Mata Hari - Speakeasies have become a bit of a thing all over the country. Mata Hari has been around for a while, though. It’s on River street, and you have to have a key or a password to get in. On both bachelorette trips I’ve been on here, we managed to get in without either of those things. Once, I think someone in our group was just tipsy enough to convince the bouncer to let us in. The other, we had taken a burlesque class there during the day and they included admission to the speakeasy for that night. I've also heard a lot of hotels will give you the password.

It’s a lot of fun! It really feels like a speakeasy because it’s hidden and it’s decorated kind of like someone’s living room in the 1920s. Sometimes they do jazz performances. I recommend getting an absinthe cocktail and dancing around.

Kay’s Pizza - After (probably) drinking too much, walk over to Kay’s Pizza (formerly Sweet Melissa’s, which I just discovered from a Google search). It’s the perfect giant slice of greasy pizza to end the night. Bonus: the building had bodies of Civil War soldiers in the wall at one point. Fun!

Writing this has made me really want to go back to Savannah. Hopefully I’ll make a trip soon!