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Asheville Day Two

It's time for my day two Asheville trip post! I can't believe how much we did in just two days. This day, we really got a chance to explore a little outside the city, which I hadn't had a chance to do on previous trips. Asheville is a beautiful area, especially in the fall. I highly recommend exploring the outdoor adventures it has to offer.

Brunch at Cafe 64 - After a night of playing games back at the airbnb, we decided to venture out for brunch before a hike. We walked around to check on the waits at several places, and this one had the shortest. We didn’t want to delay the hike too long because it was already around 11. This was a cute little cafe with a large menu. It was so hard to choose what we wanted. I usually favor the lunch items at brunch. I might get judgment for this, but breakfast food just rarely does it for me. I’d almost always rather have a good burger or tasty sandwich instead of eggs.

This time though, I decided to go with the ultimate breakfast biscuit. I love a biscuit. It also had over medium eggs, pimento cheese, and bacon jam. Savory enough to satisfy me. Also, the staff was super helpful and nice.

Looking so comfortable with the height.

Drive on Blue Ridge Parkway to Frying Pan Mt Lookout - I desperately wanted to do some kind of hiking on this trip. I am in NC several times throughout the year to see my dad, which is awesome, but I rarely commit to doing a good hike. With it being October, I knew there was a chance I would get to see some good fall colors, too.

Driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway was beautiful in itself. The trees were just starting to turn that bright orange and red. The rain from the previous day was gone for the most part. We did end up running into some fog as we got higher up, but it was still so cool. The hike to Frying Pan Mt Lookout is short and sweet. It ends with a lookout tower that you can climb up. We started climbing it, and it was fun, but scary. I didn’t quite make it all the way up. I’m not the best at heights. Rachel and I headed down at about halfway and the boys went all the way up. When we got up there, the fog finally started to clear, and it was beautiful to see the tops of the trees through the fog. It was like we were in a cloud.

American Museum of the House Cat - I have already expressed my love for my cat, but it does extend to all cats. I am a cat person. Andrew and I both are. He has two black cats, Penny and Daphne, who are so lovely. Naturally, we heard about a cat museum and wanted to go. It’s run by a very sweet man called CatMan2. He has a huge collection of all things cat. Andrew and I got a shirt that says “I love Kevin the Helpful Vampire Cat”. Please read more about CatMan2, Kevin, and how to donate to his shelter on his website.

Fugitive Bus - We stopped by the wreck scene that was in the movie The Fugitive. A movie I’ve never seen, but our friends Rachel and Harris are fans. It was interesting that they just left this crash site out in the middle of North Carolina. I do need to watch the movie, though.

Dinner at White Duck Taco - On our way back to the airbnb, we stopped for dinner at White Duck Taco. I had heard about this place several times and I had just never had a chance to try it on previous trips. I am so mad at myself for not making that happen because it was so good! The tacos range from traditional to unique. I had a steak and cheese taco, a fish taco, and a beef bulgogi taco. I also had a bunch of queso and chips, obviously. The bulgogi was the most unique, but the sweetness worked very well wrapped in a corn tortilla. White Duck, if you are reading this, please come to Birmingham! You would do so well here. I’m pretty sure I could support you alone.

A-Escape escape room - The last big event of the trip was an escape room at A-escape games. I had only ever done escape rooms as team-building exercises at work. I liked them! But, I was excited to do one with friends. Rachel and Harris have done a lot of them, so I knew we were likely to break out. I usually find that I just have no idea where to start in escape rooms.That’s the hardest part.

The theme of this one was a mountain cabin and we had to find a deed to the cabin and the land in order to break out. We did end up having to ask for a couple of clues, which were in a Zoltar machine. So fun! We ended up breaking out at around 44 minutes. Definitely the best escape time I’ve ever had. A-escape games is a little out of the way from downtown Asheville, but I recommend making the trip. They do a very good job with the rooms and the detail.

This was such a fun trip and we packed so much into a couple of days. I still feel like there is so much more to do in Asheville. If you have any suggestions for future trips, please let me know!

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