• Madison Miller

Covid-19 Woes

Washington trees put ours to shame.

I think I speak for the rest of the world when I say that the past week has been complete and utter chaos. What we’re all going through with Covid-19 is scary and unprecedented. I’m struggling a lot with how to feel. On one hand, I am of course annoyed and sad about travel plans being canceled. I’ve been writing and sharing about the London trip that’s set for May. We are trying to stay optimistic, but preparing for the trip to be canceled or rescheduled.

On the other hand, I’m just scared about the virus and what all of our communities are going through because of it. At first, I was like a lot of people thinking that everyone wasoverreacting. I’ve changed my mind. While I know that if I were to get it, I would probably be ok, I’m learning more and more that many others would not.

Today, we are coming back from a trip to Seattle. We ended up sticking with the trip because we were actually here to see Andrew’s aunt. She’s sick, and unfortunately, it’s the kind of situation where you aren’t sure if there will be another chance to visit. It was very important to go, so we went. Seattle is a lovely city from what I can tell, but I’ll be honest, this is the least I’ve ever enjoyed a trip. I loved, loved, loved getting to spend time with Andrew’s aunt. She’s the sweetest ever. But, I have been incredibly anxious the entire time about bringing something into the house, getting her or someone else sick, getting myself sick, getting Andrew sick. It’s just been an eerie, unsettling feeling. I’ve also been working remote a good majority of the time because every day brings something that cannot wait. It’s unpredictable and all-consuming. Unlike a lot of issues that come up in the world on a day-to-day basis, it’s something I have no choice but to confront.

Travel has been such a beautiful experience for me always, but especially in the past year. It’s been responsible for a growth of personal confidence, development of a relationship, broadening horizons, and just a lot of wonderful times. It’s heartbreaking to think about something taking that away. But, in this situation, we are all losing something. I hope for most people, it’s just something superficial like this, a trip, an event, going out to eat. I know for many people it has already meant losing much more, income, family, or life itself.

Once we are back, Andrew and I are planning on quarantining. I’ll be working from home for two weeks and trying to keep an eye on any possible symptoms from either of us. With any luck, the measures we are all taking will pay off in a month or so. If not, we’ll still get through it in time.

I will say that I have been surprised and happy to see people come together in this effort this past week. Our country is incredibly divided and I’ve often felt in the last few years that there is nothing that we can agree on. This situation seems to be doing the trick for the most part and it gives me some hope for the future.

I wish I could say this post had more of an overall point. I had planned to do a post about beers from my trips this week, but it just felt wrong not to talk about all of this and how it’s impacting us. I promise I’ll have some brighter content again soon and I will do a more detailed post on some things we were able to see in the Seattle area.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy! Wash your hands!