• Madison Miller

International Travel Plans for 2020

About to take off for Spain!

Just like literally everyone else on the planet right now, I can’t believe how crazy this year has been. I want so badly for things to be back to normal, but we just have to take it one day at a time, be safe and responsible, and hope for the best. In Alabama, we’ve seen crazy spikes in cases since Memorial Day. I was really hoping the downward trend before that would stick, but it very much did not. We seem to have a mix of people who are still taking this very seriously and those who are just fed up with it and are deciding to act like everything is normal. This doesn’t even take into account the recent Black Lives Matter protests, which I feel are so important, but obviously still a risk on some level. Understandably, it’s one major public health crisis in the midst of another. I don’t know what the answer is. I am just sad and scared for everyone.

All that being said, toward the beginning of the pandemic, we made some tentative international travel plans for later in the year hoping that things would get better.

There is still some time for things to improve. Europe is opening up little by little, so I’m still trying to be optimistic and assume that we will be able to go through with these plans. I’m also currently scheduled to work from home until December, so I wouldn’t have to worry about infecting coworkers if I did ultimately end up getting sick. We’re definitely going to be as careful as possible, though, if we do decide to travel.

I wanted to go ahead and share the trips we have lined up. That way, even if we can’t go, I can share some insight in trying to travel during these insane times. I’d also like to have something to get excited about and look forward to. It’s so hard to find that these days.

So, without further ado, we are planning trips to Iceland and Paris!


This trip is planned for late August. It will be just me and Andrew this trip. He has been before in the winter months and wanted to experience it in summer, which I am grateful for because I do not think I could handle the winter there. One of my goals for this year was to do a trip for just us. I’m hopeful that this will be the perfect fulfillment of that goal. It’s not a very long trip, only fiveish days, but Iceland is small, so we’re just going to focus on a few major things and enjoy Reykjavik. My major wishlist items are the Blue Lagoon and to see some of the sights on the Golden Circle.

The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring. It’s a very popular spot for visitors. They have the hot spring as well as a spa and restaurant. We’re currently planning on hitting it up on the way into the city from the airport since we will have time to kill before checking into our air bnb. We’re planning on getting the premium package, which includes the hot springs, mud mask, a drink, and a reservation at the restaurant. I’m getting so excited just thinking about how relaxing this sounds.

The Golden Circle is a route around Iceland that shows off some of its coolest natural and geological spots. Unfortunately, we won’t be there long enough to do the whole circle, but there are some day tours that take you not too far outside Reykjavik.


This is set for late September. I am tentatively very excited. We are going with a couple of our very close friends. Originally, we were supposed to go to London with them and another couple of very close friends, but that of course fell through. We’re hoping to reschedule in another year or two. But, a good deal for Paris flights out of Atlanta came up shortly after London was cancelled and we jumped on it. I am hoping that late September is early enough to avoid a second wave in Europe, but who knows? For now, all we have booked is the flight and the air bnb, both of which have good cancellation policies. There is so much we’ve talked about planning, but I’ve been hesitant just because I don’t want to get too excited and then not be able to go. I think in another month or so, I’ll be ready to start booking tours and making reservations. Fingers crossed it all works out!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated, good or bad. We’re all trying to figure this out as we go, so just try to stay positive everyone! That’s coming from a staunch pessimist, so you know it's genuine.