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International Wish List

Does anyone else out there ever hardcore daydream about places they want to visit or trips to take one day? You're not alone! There are so many places that I want to go, but I decided to narrow it down to a top ten. I can't wait to start checking some of them off the list!

Sitting on ruins of a city wall in Girona, Spain.

1. London - There are so many reasons I’ve always thought about going to London. If you read my previous post, you know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, so that’s a lot of it. But, I’ve also just found the U.K. fascinating for as long as I can remember. According to my Ancestry DNA kit, I am ENGLISH. And a little Irish. Surprise! Maybe that’s why I feel like I would like it.

Luckily, I am going to London in May! We were able to score $387 round trip tickets thanks to Scott’s Cheap Flights. I’m telling you, if you are interested in travel, you have got to get on the Scott’s mailing list. I literally wouldn’t be able to do international trips without it. Thank you, Scott’s! I plan on posting some more on London planning soon, so stay tuned!

2. Italy - I’m not actually picky about the city. From what I can tell, it’s all beautiful and the food is the best. I took Latin in high school, and I loved learning about the Ancient Romans and all of the architecture that still stands today. How cool would it be to see that?

3. Germany - I’m sure there is so much more to Germany than beer, but I mean, it’s got to be really great, right? I do enjoy beer quite a bit, and they have such pride about it. I feel like I have to make it over there to try it out. Also, I’ve seen so many photos of German architecture and castles that I love. There is something dark and beautiful about them that I don’t see anywhere else.

4. Greece - Every photo I have ever seen of Greece has been straight up idyllic. Also, their culture and heritage seems very strong. I love the idea of getting immersed in the culture while traveling, so I feel drawn to places like that even if I never really do quite fit in.

5. Salzburg, Austria - Sound of Music, anyone? I can’t tell you how many times I forced my little sisters to play pretend Sound of Music with me. I was Maria and they were every other character that I needed them to be. They were real troopers. One of the main things I loved about this movie was how wonderfully it showed off the scenery of Austria. I want to climb every mountain AND forge every stream AND follow every rainbow till I find my dream and that’s final.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru - I want to save this one for when I’m a more experienced traveler, but something about Machu Picchu has always appealed to me. I do enjoy hiking, and I understand that it’s definitely a more athletic excursion getting there, but definitely worth it. I’ll wait until I’ve had my fill of more bougie, relaxing trips though.

7. Poland - My great grandmother on my mom’s side was Polish. She was born in the U.S., but her parents immigrated from Poland, so my family has always had a fondness and curiosity for it. Other than her being from there, though, I don’t know much about it, and I would really like to visit. Something about it feels personal, so I think it would be a valuable experience.

8. Singapore - I read Crazy Rich Asians and also saw the movie. Singapore sounds like such a fun place that is so different from a lot of other places on my list. I would be especially excited to try all of the street food.

9. Egypt - The year was 1999. A young Madison saw a feature film by the name of The Mummy. She was never the same. I went through such a phase about Ancient Egypt and I’ve never really grown out of it. The chance to see the pyramids would be great. However, in the current political climate/ideological standing of Egypt, I really don’t know if I would enjoy myself. I’ve heard mixed things from people who have traveled there. Unfortunately, it seems like a tough trip if you’re a woman. Here’s hoping things improve one day. If you have any advice or experiences from Egypt trips, I’d love to hear!

10. France - France is one place that I’ve never done a ton of research on, but so much of it looks lovely. Paris would be a very fun trip of course, but I would also love to explore the country and vineyards. Oh, the French, with their months of vacation time. I’m so jealous.

Something I’ve realized while writing this post is that so much of my travel wish list is heavily influenced by movies. I have to say, I’m not surprised. I have always been a film buff. What movies make you want to travel? I would love to hear!

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