• Madison Miller

Jekyll Island Covid Getaway Part One

View from Sharktooth beach

Hello! It’s been a minute, but I finally have some travel to share!

After many failed attempts to travel internationally this year, Andrew and I decided to book a trip to Jekyll Island in Georgia. We ended up having a wonderful time. The highlight of the trip was of course, getting engaged! I’m so excited to share all about that and the rest of the trip. I'm going to be doing this in a couple of parts. This week, I'll share days one and two and next week, I'll share days three and four. It all ended up being way too long for one post. I guess I just really missed writing? Anyway, here it goes!

Day one:

We got into Jekyll the previous night and started to settle in. Our stay was at the Villas by the Sea. It was a perfect sized AirBnB for two people.

We met a cat immediately. Andrew and I attract cats wherever we go, so that was no surprise. We decided to name him Hanks, after Tom Hanks, specifically because of his role in Castaway, but I’m sure he has many names given to him.

It was a dark and stormy night, so we grabbed some pizza from Redbug Motors Pizza and got ready for the next day.

Of course, the first thing we wanted to do was check out the beach. I had heard lots of mixed reviews of Jekyll Island beaches. If you are used to Gulf Coast beaches or really anywhere with white sand, I will go ahead and say, these beaches are not the same. However, I read so many reviews that the water was disgusting and that it wasn’t even worth visiting. This was not my experience. The sand wasn’t super soft, but it was still smooth and easy to walk around or lay down a towel. The water was a little murky, but I noticed this typically worsened throughout the day. We started out our days on the beach around 9 or 10 and the water was clear enough to splash around in for quite a while. I would say after noon, it did get a little dirty and I found myself with a lot of dirt hidden in my swimsuit when I got back to the AirBnB. It was still so much fun to hang out on the sand, swim around in the ocean, and just relax. I think everyone who made such negative reviews needs to stop whining.

We cleaned up from the beach and decided to head to dinner at Zachry’s Riverhouse. Most servers were doing a great job of social distancing and wearing masks. Andrew and I both had the crab cakes along with several cocktails and beers. Had to get the vacation started right.

After dinner, Andrew suggested we stop by a nearby spot he read about called Shark Tooth Beach. To get to it, you have to park and walk along a little trail. We didn’t realize it was about a 20 minute walk on the trail before you see the beach, but it was worth it. If I had to pick the coolest thing about Jekyll Island, it would be the wildlife, and we saw a lot of it on the walk to Shark Tooth beach. All along the trail, there are tiny crabs crossing your path. We saw at least two rabbits out in the open. They barely moved when we passed by them. The most impressive thing, though, was seeing an enormous white tail deer twice. Once on the way to the beach and once on the way back. There are deer all over the island. We walked right up on the deer both times and it took a minute for it to run away. I was a little scared because that deer could have really hurt us if it wanted to, but luckily, we just let it leave at its own pace and we were fine. It was such a cool, unique experience.

Shark Tooth Beach itself was also beautiful. It’s a tiny shoreline completely made up of shells. Supposedly, it’s also easy to find shark teeth there, hence the name, but there are also tons of shells to look through. Andrew and I were there right as the sun started to set, so the views were incredible. We were the only ones there. It was so worth the long walk. One tip I will throw out there, wear bug spray. The path is right next to a marsh, which we didn’t know, so we did get a bit eaten up. Still worth it though!

Day Two

Savannah day! I knew that being only an hour and a half away from Savannah would mean we would have to go there at some point during the trip. I picked the Thursday we would be down there to hopefully avoid large crowds. I picked well. Savannah was the most dead I have ever seen it. Probably due to a combination of it being a week day and COVID-19, there were not a lot of people around at all. Andrew and I decided to start walking around River Street. We ended up at Wet Willie’s and got some delicious mango, strawberry, and pina colada frozen drinks. Andrew found a self-guided walking tour of all of the squares in Savannah, so we followed that around all day, stopping in or around some of my favorite places in the city.

One downside was the heat. It was insanely hot, and I ended up feeling a little gross because of it. Before the trip, we had made a deal that we would only eat at restaurants if it was outside. Unfortunately, I had to break that rule at lunch in Savannah because I thought I was going to die if I didn’t have some AC for a while.

We grabbed lunch at the Collins Quarter. They were doing an excellent job at following Covid guidelines. I had a delicious BLT and a beer from Service brewing. I wish I could have focused more on the food and beer, but I was so overheated. Andrew and I grabbed some large waters from the Fancy Parkers and sat down in Forsyth Park to drink them. I ended up feeling so much better after that. I guess there is a reason people don’t drink only alcohol and walk around in the sun all day. We also stopped by Savannah Bee Company and picked up some mead and a honeycomb. I love that store, so I also made an exception going in there. We were masked, of course.

We rounded out the day with a dinner reservation at The Olde Pink House. I was so happy I finally had a chance to try this place. I’ve been to Savannah at least four times and never made a point to eat here. They were following guidelines very well. The servers were all extremely attentive and helpful. Our server, Barry, was especially great with recommendations. We started with Southern Sushi, shrimp sushi wrapped with seaweed and grits, topped with unagi sauce. It was so delicious and I’ve still been having flashbacks about it. For the main course, I had the salmon with dill, cucumbers, and mashed potatoes. Andrew had the BLT salad with fried green tomatoes. We also had a bottle of the Raeburn Pinot Noir.

It was a fantastic dinner and ambiance. It was on the pricier side, but with the atmosphere and service I definitely think it was worth it.

After dinner, we made the drive back to Jekyll and stopped into a local frozen yogurt shop. We ate the yogurt while walking around the dark island, exploring some of the hotel areas. I was so ready to go to sleep by the time we got back to the AirBnB.

Stay tuned for part two, including the engagement story, next week!