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Five things about me

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Snapped by Andrew at Early Girl Eatery in Asheville

1. I almost always have a travel partner, my boyfriend, Andrew! He’s honestly most of the reason this past year has been so travel-filled. We both love adventuring and wish we could do it more often.

Andrew at a restaurant in Girona, Spain

Not to get gushy, but I can’t really imagine having as much fun as I did over the past year if I didn’t have a wonderful travelmate. I’m a huge introvert by nature, and I just don’t think solo travel is in the cards for me. It’s why I never prioritized traveling when I was single. This by no means needs you need to be in a relationship to travel, though. Travel with friends, family, or even by yourself! Get out there and do it whenever you can!

2. I have a cat named Margo. She is my feisty baby and I love her. Margo is one of the few reasons it is sometimes tough to go on trips. I just love being around her and she’s so perfect.

Margo blocking my access to my illustrated version of The Goblet of Fire

We do have a harness for her, and I briefly tried to turn her into an adventure cat. She said no, guys. Hard pass. But, she’s still the best.

3. I like to sing. I was in choir for seven years, and I still like to sing and play a little guitar sometimes. I haven’t done anything in public since high school, though. (Except the occasional karaoke). Maybe I can work my way up to that someday.

4. I am Harry Potter obsessed. It’s my favorite thing ever, and I honestly surprise myself sometimes with how much I know about it. I finally got to go to Harry Potter World in Orlando at the beginning of this year, and I was everything I had dreamed.

Me outside my alma mater

I also very much want to go to the U.K. to see all of the Harry Potter things there. You will definitely be hearing more about that in future blogs.

5. I also love being at home. This is a weird one to include in a travel blog, but I definitely plan on sharing other aspects of my life in this blog and I love the city I live in, so I want to include the fact that staying home is also great. Sometimes I just love nothing more than coming home, chilling with my cat, and watching Netflix. It is absolute paradise. But, everything in life should come in moderation, and I am happy to love both travel and being a homebody.

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