• Madison Miller


If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen that our trip to London has officially been cancelled. I’m actually thinking of it as postponed, but our flight was cancelled and instead of rebooking, we got refunds. British airways was only offering rebookings as late as August 1st, and that still sounds a little risky to us. Ideally, we are looking at rescheduling for late September. There’s no way to know if things will be better at that point, but I certainly hope so.

I absolutely understand the reasons for cancellation and I know it would be a bad time to go right now, but I am still a little sad. It could obviously be so much worse. Here in the U.S., the virus is really kicking into high gear and it’s only going to get worse for the next month or so, if not longer than that. Again, I hope that the cancellation of this trip is the only way I’m truly affected by this, but the chances of that are getting smaller and smaller every day. It’s terrifying. I can’t believe I had such a different attitude on this a month ago.

Despite everything, if you’re like me, you’re getting a little cabin fever. We had planned so much for March, April, and May and now it’s all just gone. It’s worth it, but I’ve definitely been looking for ways to scratch the travel itch while at home. I came across the #travelathomechallenge on Instagram and it’s made me want to continue getting travel inspiration anywhere I can. Although there’s not an end in sight for this yet, it at least makes an end feel more real.

For me, the funnest thing has been using Google’s flight tracker to explore all of the places I could potentially go one day. You can literally just type in where you are flying out of and then type in “Europe” and it will give you a bunch of options for your selected dates. I have an example screenshot below.

These rates are a little high for us, but it’s still fun to look every day and just keep track of what’s out there. As far as our London trip, I am still hoping for London, but our group did talk about keeping options open if we see a cheap flight for somewhere else in Europe for around this time. Of course, we’d have to look at what kind of impact the virus has had in any area we consider going.

Even if this doesn't work out the way we hope, it's fun to dream. I like keeping the dream and the travel inspiration alive. One day, it will be possible again. It's just not today.

Something else I’ve been doing is watching travel-related shows. House hunters international is a favorite. I feel like I’m living vicariously through these people exploring a new city. Also, I have always been a fan of Anthony Bourdain, so I’m revisiting some Parts Unknown. I looked up a London episode specifically. Of course, I love his focus on food. So, I made a list of places he went to there and hopefully we’ll get to try some of those when we do make it there. I’m particularly intrigued by Rochelle Canteen.

I’ll keep thinking of some other ways to explore while at home. If anyone has any great travel-inspiring reads, please let me know! That will probably be my next step.

Stay home, everyone! We’ll get back at it one day.